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Aceto bacter

Aceto bacter
Aceto bacter
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Product Code : 05
Product Description

CFU: 5 x 107/ g

Mode of Application

  • Soil Treatment - Mix 4 kgs / acre with the soil / Farm Yard Manure (FYM) / vermin-compost after 2 or 3 days Maintaining adequate moisture and broadcast. 
  • Seed Treatment-Mix 6 – 10 g / kg of seeds in required volume of water and add a small lump of jaggery, mix well, shade dry (15- 20 mins) and ready for sowing.
  • Treatment of the plant material (sett, seedling and rhizomes): Dissolve 1 kg of Azotobacter in 20 -30 liters of water and dip the seedlings for 30 minutes before planting
  • Soil Drenching-Mix 250 g / 200 liters of water and apply near the root zone.
  • Mode of Action - ACETOBACTER ACETI produces enzymes like Nitrogenase, hydrogenase , these will help to convert the atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium/nitrates which can be uptake by plants, thus it fixes the nitrogen in the rhizospear. Azotobactor also synthesizes the some of the biologically active substances such as phytohormones there by stimulate the plant growth.
  • Recommended Crops- Cereal crops such as Sugarcane, pineapple, sweet potato, beetroot, banana,coffee,tea,wheat,maize,vegetables, and all other leguminous crops.

Key Aids

  • Nitrogen fixation.
  • Anti- fungal properties: acts upon the various plant pathogenic fungi.
  • Increases crop yields.
Availability-In both Powder and Liquid, granule form


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